Go Bananas!

This is the story of two banana cupakes…with two very different endings.

So there I was one day with a couple of bananas who were ready for their last rites. I also happened to have some very yummy cream cheese frosting left over from my Italian Cream Cake adventure. These were of course the perfect makings for dessert, but what to bake? I happened to log onto Bakerella’s site and lo and behold there at the top of her blog was a posting for banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! It was fate!

I baked some up that very morning and was met with complete and utter dissapointment. I’m not sure what went wrong. I don’t know if I missed an ingredient, if the recipe was just lousy, or if my 3 year old helper somehow distracted me. Either way, these were one of the most horrible things I’ve baked in awhile. The cupcakes never browned, even after leaving them in five minutes longer than the recipe called for. They were dense…like off-white little bricks. Seriously, I could have done some damage if I’d have thrown these at someone. I tried to liven them up by filling them with a little buttercream. I somehow managed to make an ugly cupcake even uglier. How unappetizing are these?

cupck 004

What? Not disgusting enough? Want a closer look???

cupck 003

After that fiasco, I was determined to make some good banana cupcakes. I was leery to try the same recipe again so soon, but I will attempt it again just to figure out what went wrong. In the meantime, I found what seemed like a good recipe here at allrecipes.com. This one was a winner! The main difference I could find between the two recipes was that the allrecipes one includes baking soda. I know baking soda can certaintly make a difference and I’m wondering if that is the key here.

But in any case, this second attempt at banana cupcakes was awesome! These cupcakes tasted like banana bread and were super moist, but they had the texture of a light and fluffy cupcake. I was in no mood to whip up any more cream cheese frosting, so I used a can of milk chocolate frosting I had in the pantry. I love home made frosting, but there’s something about a can of chocolate ready-made frosting that is just so tasty. The combination of banana and chocolate was definitely a winner.

cake 003

I couldn’t resist…had to take a bite!

cake 004

Today’s lesson…if at first you don’t succeed…try, try again or at least try another recipe!


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